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Look here each season for the newest and the best selections.
They're all here. All of your favorites to read and enjoy again.
Grouped by reading level, these selections are perfect for those youngsters who are ready to read on their own!
Perfect to introduce the youngest in your family to the world of books - easy to hold and fun to turn pages.
Myths and legends reflect some of the values & attitudes of people. This collection has been brought together to introduce and re-acquaint readers with the colorful characters and customs of near & distant generations.
For universal values and ethics, this is the category to find selections that are uplifting and highlight our better natures.
Experiences about family relationships bring the near and dear closer to our hearts. This category contains some of the most wonderful stories to share with those you love.
Youngsters will develop new relationships wih the classic growing-up stories and get in line to meet & greet the new ones.
Learn all about the outdoor world from woodland critters and insects in their natural habitats from the forest to the shore to the wilderness.
As the real heroines and heroes make their choices, we all emerge richer for the journey.
Wonderful tales of southwest settings with flavors guaranteed to entice readers to sample the tastes of the open range.
Come and celebrate all the great cultural holidays in a wonderful collection guaranteed to have you in a festive mood!
For your young readers, these selections bring the great Biblical Stories to life with wonderful prayers, psalms and stories. Will be enjoyed by the whole family.
A perfect introduction to the Spanish language - most selections are written primarily in English with just enough Spanish words to make learning fun and easy or in a bilingual format with very few words on the page.
Learn the language! The basic become easy with music, with laughter and with delightful cartoon characters who succeed in figuring out their ABCs and 123s!
A joyous selection of playful children's songs, rhymes & lullabies to charm & delight generations of families.
What a great way to learn a language. Musical selections bring both languages to life with joyous melodies that paint the pictures of the cultures. If your desire is more educational, the language tapes should fit the bill.
Roll the dice, work the puzzles, decorate the walls & color your way through history!
Scientific explorations, nature adventures, photographs and rainforest facts are just some of the real-world journeys to look into.
Songs of the soul sing out the truths of a life. Spiritual explorations & heartwarming welcomes are extended from people reaching out to share their experiences.
A more intensive experience for the classroom and for the older reader, the focus here is on the social, the cultural & the traditional.
Special growing up stories about those searching out their own way. See how shared experiences make the path easier to follow.
Some of the great classics and other stories with mature content specifically for the adult reader.
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